15 projects to make with reclaimed wood

15 Projects to Make with Reclaimed Wood

Have you ever noticed how many photographs and paintings of landscapes have a barn in the picture? There is just something so beautiful about an old rustic barn that instantly draws your attention and fills you with admiration.


If you are looking to bring that same rustic charm into your own home, reclaimed wood projects are such a great way to do that!

Old Rustic Barn
Old Rustic Barn

Using naturally weathered reclaimed wood in your home decor projects adds instant visual appeal and character to any room! The natural color variations and unique features of each piece of wood create such an authentic barn wood look that you and your guests will be sure to love!


15 Projects to Make with Reclaimed Wood
15 Projects to Make with Reclaimed Wood


Below are 15 of our favorite DIY Projects with Reclaimed Wood. These are just examples, but you can click each link to go to the site for more details.


1. Reclaimed Wood Wall

Creating your own Reclaimed Wood Wall is such a beautiful way to turn any wall into a focal point in your room! These are especially beautiful in living rooms and bedrooms. Rockin’ Wood has easy to install DIY planks available at a fraction of the cost, compared to its competitors.

Reclaimed Wood Wall
Reclaimed Wood Wall


2. Farmhouse Dining Table

Making your own Farmhouse Dining Table will bring such simple beauty into your dining room.


Farmhouse Dining Table
Photo Source: Rogue Engineer – Farmhouse Dining Table


3. Industrial Shelves

If you’re a fan of the Fixer Upper look, these Industrial Shelves are for you! They add both rustic charm and functionality to any room! Check out these from Cherished Bliss


Industrial Shelves
Photo Souce: The Spruce – Industrial Shelves


4. Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

This Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table from Everyday Enchanting is such a simple way to get this barn wood look in your home.


Reclaimed Wood Table
Photo Source: Remodelaholic – Reclaimed Wood Table


5. Planter Boxes

How cute are these DIY Shabby Chic Planter Boxes ?? It would make a fantastic centerpiece for your dining room table! Source: Shanty 2 Chic


Planter Boxes
Photo Source: Shanty 2 Chic – Planter Boxes


6. Table Centerpieces

Speaking of centerpieces, Pinterest is full of ideas for Rustic Centerpieces that are such beautiful ways to use reclaimed wood. Check out these Succulent Planters from Rockin’ Wood that can also be used as a centerpiece on your patio table.


Table Centerpieces
Photo Source: Pinterest – Table Centerpieces


7. Bathroom Organizer

Similar to the Industrial Shelves, we love how a reclaimed wood Bathroom Organizer like this one from Remodelaholic adds both charm and functionality to your bathroom.


Bathroom Organizer
Photo Source: Remodelaholic – Bathroom Organizer


8. Barnwood Headboard

If you are looking to elevate the decor in your bedroom, a Barnwood Headboard from Design*Sponge will give the room a simple, romantic, and chic look that you will just love.

Barnwood Headboard
Photo Source: Design Sponge – Barnwood Headboard


9. Reclaimed Wood Light Fixtures

Have you ever seen a light fixture made from reclaimed wood? They are stunning!! Here are some examples of Chandelier and Pendant Light Fixtures from idLights.com that are both rustic and elegant!

Reclaimed Wood Light Fixtures
Photo Source: ID Lights – Reclaimed Wood Light Fixtures


10. Wall Art

There are so many options for making wall art with reclaimed wood. But here is a step by step tutorial for Reclaimed Wood Wall Art from Shut The Front Door to get you started.


Wall Art
Photo Source: Shut The Front Door – Wall Art


11. Patio Furniture

This site has 15 plans for DIY Patio Furniture that will look incredible on any patio or deck! Check this one out from The Family Handyman.

Patio Furniture
Photo Source: Family Handy Man – Patio Furniture


12. Wooden Mirror Frames

Adding a reclaimed Wood Frame to your mirror will add so much visual interest and charm to your bedroom or bathroom! Check out this one made with Rockin’ Wood Peel and Stick Planks:


Wooden Mirror Frames
Wooden Mirror Frames


13. Picture Frames

Similar to the wooden mirror frames, these upcycled  Wooden Picture Frames will look beautiful in your living room! Check out this one from DesignerTrapped.com.


Picture Frames
Photo Source: Designer Trapped – Picture Frames


14. Cooler Stand

Adding a DIY Cooler Stand to your deck or patio will make it an instant hit to any backyard or summer party! This one is pretty AWESOME from fixthisbuildthat.com


Cooler Stand
Photo Source: Fix This Build That – Cooler Stand



15. Wooden Bench

We love the look of nesting tables like these from An Oregon Cottage, and these are super easy to build!


Wooden Bench
Photo Source: An Oregon Cottage – Wooden Bench


If you are fortunate enough to already have some reclaimed wood to use, that is wonderful!! But if you are looking for some, check out our website and click the shop tab. We recycle and sell reclaimed wood that can help you make any project you’d like and also keeps this beautiful wood out of our landfills!

At Rockin’ Wood, we keep over 5 tons of wood from going to the landfill each week! Our family works together every day to source wood that is destined for the dump. We clean and process the wood and use it to make home décor products as well as selling the wood to those people who want to make DIY projects with reclaimed wood and want wood that is authentic and naturally weathered. Let us know if you have any questions.


Email us at info@rockinwoodusa.com or check out our website at Rockinwoodusa.com

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