Bring Life to your Kitchen Decor

Bring Life to Your Kitchen Décor: 10 Ways to Use Barn Wood

Question: is there a better way to decorate your kitchen than doing so and saving the planet?


Using reclaimed wood or barn wood for your kitchen décor projects adds unique rustic beauty to your kitchen that is hard to replicate with anything else. And your kitchen is the perfect place to introduce that kind of beauty in your home since it is the most used room. 


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The thing that makes barn wood perfect for kitchen décor is its versatility, and its timeless, stylish look. Barn wood provides a rich contrast to any color around it, enhancing its quality into something deeply in tune with the earth.

You can find evidence of this in any kitchen that has some sort of barn wood décor pieces providing a striking contrast. However, décor items are not the only things that can enhance the beauty of your kitchen. Most common barn wood kitchen examples will display a regal design on their walls, ceilings, floors, and cabinetry, revitalizing the entire kitchen. 

In this article, we provide you with a list of the top 10 ways you can use barn wood.


10 Ways to Use Barn Wood in Your Kitchen


Kitchen Ceiling with Faux Beams

Photo Source: Houzz


1. Decorate Your Kitchen Ceiling with Faux Wood Beams

While wooden beams may seem too expensive for everyone to try, they aren’t. In fact, you can even do them yourself. All you need are the right tools for this project, your creativity, and a lot of elbow grease. The must-have tools include lumber of two sizes for the top or bottom side, a nail gun and nails, a saw to cut your boards in suitable lengths, a long saw and drills, any wood stains of your choice, and beam straps. You can also have wood glue, liquid nails, or a clamp ready by your side; they are not necessary but are quite helpful. The end result of this DIY faux barn wood beam works best with hanging pendant lights. 


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2. Barn Wood Kitchen Trays and Utility Boxes

You can use barn wood to make items like wooden trays and utility boxes. These items are not only aesthetically gorgeous, but they are also quite handy, especially in a busy place like your kitchen. These trays can be put near the sink and house items like dish soap, dishcloth, hand soap, and detergent. 

If the trays don’t have any sides, they use can also fashion cutting boards from them. You can also stack the trays upon each other in rack fashion. You can also accompany the wooden tray racks with movable metal brackets to increase the functionality of it. 

You can even make a wooden box with a closing lid to be your recipe cards box. In other words, the possibilities of using barn wood to create wooden trays and utility boxes are endless. 


Kitchen ventilator in strips

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3. Decorate Kitchen Ventilator in Strips of Barn Wood and Colored Trims 

Kitchen ventilators are among the most prominent areas, mainly because of their symmetric shape and size. While some people try their best to make their ventilators blend in with the rest of their kitchen, you can enhance the beauty of your kitchen by making them stand out more. You can do this by adding on to the geometric definition and design of the structure. While the strips of barn wood will add a distressful or rustic look, you can pair it with simple and solid neutral or metallic colors. 


Barn wood shelves with metal brackets

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4. Barn Wood Shelves With Metal Brackets 

For walls in your kitchen that don’t have any cabinets on them, using barn woods to create shelves is a good idea. This functional kitchen décor is particularly useful for people who have limited space available for bowls, plates, mason jars, small flower pots, desk clock, or any other decorative piece. 

If you are using really heavy barn wood, it is best to go with metal brackets to support the weight of the shelves. You can even try coupling the vibrant and deep colors of the wood and the bracket with light colors to bring out the beauty of these shelves further. 


pantry vintage wooden sign

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5. Take a Trip to the Town by Putting Vintage Wooden Signs 

For a sign to appear as authentic as you want it to, it is best to use planks of barn wood. The sign you are creating can express your views, hobbies, or passion even with words like “vegan kitchen,” “bakery,” and “chili hot.” You can even add personalization to your sign with your name like, “kelly’s kitchen” and add a personal quote to it to display your love for your kitchen; something like, “seasoned with love.”

You have the option of making the sign purely decorative or have it be functional as well. For the functionality of the design, you can put in hooks between the planks to act as a beautiful kitchen rack. 


barn wood hanging pot rack


6. Create a Barn Wood Hanging Pot Rack

Speaking of racks, none grabs attention quite like a hanging pot rack. You can couple the pot rack with barn wood beams or have it as a centerpiece. The hanging pot rack is typically an unusual choice for a kitchen centerpiece. However, this is precisely what makes it stand out so much.  



Photo Source: Architectural Designs


7. A Barn Wood Support Beam between Kitchen and the Living Room 

Adding a barn wood support beam between the kitchen and any other room is an idea that is quickly gaining traction. The deep, rustic, and distress wood of the support beam strikingly stands out from the rest of the house, which makes it all the more gorgeous. In houses that have conjoint living rooms and kitchen, adding a support beam that stands out can create a distinctive optical illusion of a room ending and another starting. 



Photo Source: HD Threshing


8. Create a Barn Wood Waterfall 

The barn wood waterfall is a continuous paneling of rustic oak on the ceiling that falls down, without any break, to only one side of the wall. This creates an illusion of an otherworldly beautiful barn wood waterfall. This idea is perfect for a kitchen that has islands or centers seating arrangements. This is because you can start the waterfall on the part of the ceiling that is directly above the seating area and continue it down the wall that has the stove. This kitchen reflects the most prominent personality features of its owners, like openness, simplicity, and modernism, with a hint of tradition. 



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9. Make Barn Wood Letter Signs to Spell out Fun Words

You can get the barn wood letters in all sizes readymade as well as make them yourselves. The only tools you would need to make the letters are some old barn wood, a drill, and a handsaw. 

Regardless of how you want to own the letters, you can have the letters spell out fun words like “family,” “meal,” or the most famous “eat” word. You can even get a giant spoon, and a fork made to go along with your “eat” sign. If you want to forgo the letters, you can always opt for the artistic, fun, or abstract shapes like the silhouette shape of a steaming hot coffee cup, a rooster, or any other item or farm animal. 


diagonal barn wood grid

Source: Proud Home Decor


10. Rejuvenate Your Kitchen Island with Diagonal Barn Wood Grid

This one is obviously best suited to kitchens that have islands in the middle of the space. The distinctive diagonal lines formed because of the barn wood are incredibly pleasing to the eye. The diagonal barn wood paneling rejuvenates the elegance of the whole kitchen and goes with almost all themes. 

Just like the kitchen trays and utility boxes, the base of this idea can successfully implement in other parts of the house too. 


Bonus Tips:


Create a Barn Wood Backsplash 

Barn wood backsplash, without a doubt, creates one of the most wholesome and universal looks for any kitchen. You can have it made and install it yourself or DIY the whole thing. Regardless of how you do it, the result will most definitely be beautiful.

Add Barn Wood Hood Frames

Perhaps, this is the simplest yet the most uniquely beautiful way of utilizing barn wood. Consider this design to be the opposite of the stripped ventilator design. The contrast in both designs lies in the outline of the design. You place the wood as a border to your vent hoods in this design.  

Barn Wood Base Mason jar Chandelier  

Give a touch of creativity to your kitchen with barn wood base Mason jar chandelier. 


Final Thoughts 

There you have it; the top best ways to use barn wood for your kitchen. You can have your kitchen present a complete farmhouse or cabin vibe or strike a more balanced approach with rustic vintage and sleek modernism. Also, you can use the tips given above independently or in a combination, either way, your kitchen is sure to turn out as an attention grabber.