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Can You Put Reclaimed Wood In A Bathroom?

Polished modern interiors love the rustic and natural appeal of reclaimed wood. If you are debating whether your modern home’s bathroom will blend well with this earthy and organic element, then here are the reasons to convince you it will.



For starters, the interior design industry has proved that the rustic trend is here to stay forever and who can complain? The environmentally friendly and all-natural reclaimed wood has an innate appeal that no chrome, glass, ceramic, or marble can ever beat.


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Reclaimed wood in a bathroom is also a great way of softening the high-traffic and otherwise cold area of your house. As flooring, on the bathroom vanity, or even as an accent wall, reclaimed wood can bring warmth, outdoorsy charm, and sustainability come oozing into your modern space. When we talk about sustainability, again, which other material can compete against reclaimed wood? Inherent and textured barn boards are an inexpensive alternative and an excellent option to pair with your modern elements, such as granite, tiles, marble, glass, etc.


No argument can ever stand against the fact that reclaimed wood is a lifetime treasure. However, it would help if you also remembered that putting it in the bathroom will make it susceptible to steam and frequent splashes. Thus, it would help if you exercised some precautions to safeguard your invaluable treasure.


Water is an evil kryptonite for any wood, even the reclaimed variety. That too is never proof against moisture because not all reclaimed wood is equal. So while pine lumber of the old-growth variety, say from the pre-1940s era, will stand firm against moisture, the broken-up pallet on the other hand, and may weaken somewhere.


You may also consider reclaimed old-growth cypress or teak for your bathroom, as these are the more water-resistant variety. Whatever your plans may and whichever wood you envision, it is always better to verify its suitability for your bathroom needs before you begin on your project. The point of this bit of knowledge is not to deter you or intimidate you against using reclaimed wood. A little bit of protection for your reclaimed lumber will suffice in serving you well for long years. Most reclaimed wood may only need a few coats of water-based polyurethane. You can seal the wood this way to secure against rotting.


Moisture also poses risks of contracting and swelling, but you can tackle that problem too by leaving some space between boards and securing the edges with some silicone flexible caulking. Using this strategy where tubs or sinks will connect will take away the likelihood of this problem occurring.


Now that we’ve convinced you why reclaimed wood is a wonderful choice for your bathroom transformation let’s discuss how and where you can use this natural treasure to maximize its benefits.


Ways Of Incorporating Reclaimed Wood In Your Bathroom


Designers worldwide are keen to feature the textural and rustic beauty of reclaimed wood in all their interior design projects. Why wouldn't they when people can’t stop gushing over the weathered charisma, inviting warmth, and the gorgeous wood’s uniqueness?


Longevity and quality are a stunning combination and work well, even in the harshest of conditions. If there is one material we can vouch for, it is always going to be reclaimed wood. Alright, alright, we know we are getting carried away, so let’s not keep you waiting any longer. Looking for creative ideas to feature reclaimed wood in your bathroom and make it the most stunning place ever? Well, here is how you can do it.


Cozy Contemporariness


Cozy contemporariness



When you envision reclaimed wood in your bathroom, you must be imaginative. You have the added advantage of industrial charm and drama with reclaimed timber, and the best way to flaunt it in is with your flooring.


Let your bathroom flooring feature only reclaimed wood and complete the royal look with opulent bathtub bulbs hanging from the ceiling. We bet you’d never want to get out of your stunning bathroom with this look!




If you are aiming for a clean-lined space primarily, you should team the look with some white oak reclaimed timber. The look will undoubtedly stand out like a million dollar bucks, but you must be prepared to endure a little extra maintenance. We envision adding a white oak reclaimed, glassless countertop in the clean-lined bathroom design. If you too can envision this look, you must be ready to sand a bit and add a new polyurethane coat with a satin-finish every few years.


However, we only recommend this look for the adult bathrooms in your home. Kids are not going to be as careful when it comes to splashing water, which will surely reduce the life of your priceless wood. While you can comprise your children's bathroom, there is no reason you should forego the luxury in yours. Surely you and your partner will know how to treat your wooden treasure rightly.




Reclaimed Wood Door

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Let’s talk doors now. How do you feel about dashing right through some outdoorsy charm into your shower area? Sounds like a dream, right? It will look like one; in reality, we promise you. Reclaimed wood does something very magical to a modern bathroom because the contrast is flamboyant but so pleasing and artistic to look at, at the same time. Moreover, if you wish to magnify this visual effect, drape the wall next to your door in all-out reclaimed timber. A modern bathroom where glass, stones, and tiles dominate reclaimed timber surfaces do some magic of their own.


Reclaimed Wood Base With A Different Countertop


Reclaimed Wood Base With A Different Countertop

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We did mention that reclaimed countertops look stunning but do require extra maintenance. If you are put off by that extra bit but still can't stop dreaming about reclaimed timber in your bathroom, then here is another fabulous idea. You can opt for a complete reclaimed wood base but have a different countertop to go with, maybe one of marble or something easier to maintain. The combination will look equally striking and will make an excellent alternative. Old barn wood would bring a textural palette to your shower kingdom and add visual appeal.


The advantage here is that you can give free rein to your imagination and creativity. Create a fabulous vanity for yourself by playing with a weathered, reclaimed wood base and more modern and elite countertop, perhaps like soapstone. This will save your old-growth timber from direct exposure to moisture but blend contrasting styles like an artistic pro.

Reclaimed Saunas

Reclaimed Wood Sauna



Do you dream of the famous saunas of Sweden and Finland all the time? Why not get those in your bathroom with reclaimed wood? Don't tell us the idea didn't occur to you before. We know you would love to sweat out the winter chill in your sauna comfortably, as the snow climbs up the landscape every winter season. Fortunately, this winter fantasy can come to life with a little investment and reclaimed lumber. Make your little pleasure come true by building a spa with a woodsy, reclaimed design right in your bathroom.


You can easily replicate one of those famous saunas you dream about every winter in your bathroom corner. Sigh, sounds so cozy and relaxing already, doesn’t it?




When we’re talking about reclaimed wood for your bathroom idea, there can never be a question of neglecting the tubs event if it is a wet zone for wood. Teak is one of the most rot-resistant species of wood you can get out and there and would make a safe option if you want to do something woodsy with your tub.


You can use teak wood to surround your tub and make it a focal point but bringing in some knots and coloring. Trust us, a soak in a tub enveloped in grand wood all around is a luxury. You will look forward to your soaks every day we guarantee.


Something Artful

Something Artful

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If you have bits and pieces of reclaimed timber, you could go for an artistic feature right in your bathroom. Consider making an accented beautiful wall by making a patchwork frame of reclaimed wood pieces. You could take inspiration from the work of artist Rob Payne in this regard. Such an artistic creation could easily stand second place after a Picasso painting, we believe. Excuse the exaggeration, but we can’t help falling in love with reclaimed wood repeatedly.


Traditionally Sophisticated


You know, reclaimed wood itself is elegance and sophistication personified that even if you add it plainly as an accent wall, it will still drip charm and royalty. You do not even need to bother about design intricacy and the works. Go the traditional route with a wooden accent wall and see it elevates your humble bathroom into something out worldly. Let the traditional and soothing vibe resonate throughout your bathroom by adding décor pieces, sinks, and mirrors that complement the style you have opted for.


Final Thoughts


Our bathrooms often get the least bit of consideration. Perhaps it is because we spend the minimum amount of our time here that we think it is okay to compromise on the design and the materials we use here. In truth, the more comfortable and appealing your bathroom is, the more opportunity you will have to always unwind and de-stress from daily life pressures.


When it comes to luxuriating in your bathroom, we do not think any other material does that better for you than reclaimed wood. From countertops, tubs, accents walls, vanities to doors, there’s an endless range of options in how you can incorporate priceless reclaimed wood in your modern bathrooms.