DIY Projects You Can Make For Christmas

DIY Projects You Can Make For Christmas

Ask ten people to tell you their favorite holiday, and eight out of ten will tell you “Christmas”. Christmas is a special season, celebrated in most parts of the world. Most countries have adopted it as a national holiday; a season for gift sharing, spending time with family and loved ones, and being jolly!

DIY In The Festive Season

During the Christmas season, most countries that celebrate are on a partial break. This means that schools are out, offices are closed, and almost everyone is home with their families for some good quality time. While offices might be shut for just the weekend or perhaps a week to allow workers to properly celebrate the season with family and friends, schools are out for a longer period of time, meaning that your little children are probably at home with not much to do except play and engage in fun projects.

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The Christmas season is not just meant for family bonding time. The major tradition that comes with Christmas is gift-giving. Activities surround the entire season, but what most people, especially kids, look forward to is Christmas morning when everyone exchanges gifts. Gifts can range from anything; depending on who you are gifting them to, and what sentiment you wish
to pass across. In offices, most workers will receive their Christmas gifts in the form of bonuses. Family members, on the other hand, might want to make their gifts to each other a lot more personal and meaningful.

Engaging with your family to make fun DIY projects for Christmas is one way to kill two birds with one stone. On one hand, you will be keeping your kids busy and spending quality family time together. On the other hand, you will be making memorable and meaningful items that will be valued by the person who receives the gifts.

These are some of the fun DIY projects you can engage in with your kids for the Christmas season:
• Artwork
• Woodwork
• Knitting
• Baked goods
• Fabric-covered ornaments

Can Anybody Engage in Wood Work?

Woodwork projects are one thing that you and your kids can get a lot of joy out of engaging in. The best part is that with little to no prior knowledge, you and your kids can get into creating some really impressive wood pieces. All you need is some wood from Rockin’ Wood, the proper tools, and a clear guide to follow if you are unsure of the steps to take.

Here are some creative and easy DIY wood projects you can make for Christmas:

1. A Wooden Candleholder Centerpiece

Wooden Candle Holder Centerpiece
Source: Instructable


One of the longstanding Christmas traditions is the Christmas dinner. Most families will host a Christmas lunch or dinner, and these call for a properly set table, where all the fine cutlery comes out of storage. A candleholder centerpiece is a beautiful addition to a dinner table, as it lends the beauty that shimmering candles bring. Furthermore, this woodwork project is probably the easiest you would complete.

2. A Wooden Serving Tray or Ottoman Tray

Ottoman Tray Made with Rustic Reclaimed Wood

One of the many perks of making this DIY wood project is that old wood or even something like an old wine crate can be used in making it. Beginner to intermediate woodworkers can try their hand at this piece.

While not too difficult, decorating and putting the finishing touches on the tray might prove a bit tricky. You can gift this DIY tray to a family member, or keep it for home use.

3. Wooden Snowman

Source: Hgtv


Add something new to your festive decorations this year. Rather than the regular snowmen and Christmas decorations, you can create your own DIY wooden snowmen. Your guests will appreciate the fun and quirky wooden snowmen at your gate, door, or wherever you choose to position them. One of the perks of this DIY woodwork is that it is extremely easy to make, and can be completed by even a beginner. Simply accessorize the wooden snowmen with some fun accessories like scarves and paint-on buttons to complete the look.

4. Coasters

Source: Art of Manliness


Carving little round coasters should be a fun project for you and your family this festive season. The intricate pieces will have a good place on the Christmas dinner table, and they are also easy to make. You can spice your creations up with fun paintings and designs to make them more colorful and personalized.

5. Wooden Ornaments

wooden ornaments
Source: Mountain Modern Life


Decorating a Christmas tree is a prominent part of the entire festive season. While you might already have enough ornaments to go on your Christmas tree, you can definitely make room for more
ornaments. Spend some time with your family carving and decorating some simple rustic wood slice ornaments. The process is easy as ABC, and you will be rewarded with some beautiful ornaments for your tree.

6. Stocking Hangers

Source: Shanty 2 Chic


While hangers are always a great idea to have in any home, during the festive season, it is especially important to have some hangers which you can dangle those stockings off of.
You can have some fun creating these DIY wooden stocking hangers with your family, and then hang the stockings in anticipation of the Christmas goodies.

7. Doggie Bed

Source: My Frugal Adventures


While making and buying gifts for the entire family, your furry friend should not be forgotten. If you have a four-legged member of your family, they definitely deserve to be involved in the spirit of the holidays. Turn some old wooden crates or buy some wood from Rockin' Wood to build a simple resting spot for your little doggo. The process is easier than you would think; you just need some supplies and a guide.

8. Card Holder

card holder
Source: Virgina Sweet Pea

No doubt that the festive season is a time for gift-giving, so you can expect that you will be receiving a fair share of gifts from people as well. Most gifts are accompanied by holiday cards wishing you and your family well. You need a place to display these beautiful and thoughtful cards, so you can create a wooden card holder from slabs of wood. Purchase the necessary tools, and follow a guide to create a beautiful DIY cardholder.

9. Merry Christmas Signs

merry christmas sign
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What’s more festive than a wooden sign welcoming your guests and wishing them a merry Christmas? These DIY wood projects are fun and easy to make. With some wood and art supplies, you and your family can have a good time creating unique and colorful wooden Christmas signs. Following a simple guide, you can easily craft up these festive wooden signs with some tools and rustic

10. Wooden Keepsake Box

wooden keepsake
Source: Popular Woodworking


The great thing about these boxes is that they are an unpredictable gift, a very thoughtful one, and are also not too difficult to make. If you have been thinking of a gift to give a treasured family member or loved one, you can settle on this one. The recipient of this gift will be grateful to have a treasured box where they can store knickknacks, or maybe even some of the other gifts you have given them. Personalize these DIY wooden keepsake boxes and make them more festive with fun colors and designs.

11. Custom Picture Frame

custom picture frame
Source: Instuctables


What’s more thoughtful than a DIY personalized wooden picture frame? This DIY project is easy to complete and will be valued greatly as a gift. Rather than gift your loved ones with something that they might not appreciate or put to good use, these DIY wooden picture frames will be greatly appreciated by whoever you gift them to. If you have some leftover wood, you can even put it to good use and transform it into a wooden frame. The best thing about this wooden gift idea is that even beginners can make it, and it does not require too much work.