easy DIY projects using reclaimed wood planks

Easy DIY Projects Using Reclaimed Wood Planks

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Written by: BethanA



If you are looking for the perfect way to transform your home using one of the biggest home décor trends today, upcycling reclaimed wood is the ideal solution for you. The wood used in DIY projects can be found and reclaimed from local structures that have been abandoned, such as fences and barns, and it can also be purchased. Using reclaimed wood for your DIY project at home has a lot of advantages, which has made its popularity increase.


Why use reclaimed wood planks?

Using reclaimed wood planks for your DIY project at home can be very advantageous. Reclaimed wood is very eco-friendly, and helps our environment. Reclaimed wood is considered more mature compared to the fresh-cut lumber. This quality makes reclaimed wood very durable, and consequently, the easy DIY wood projects you decide to do will serve you for a very long time.


Another reason why reclaimed wood is perfect for DIY projects is because of its appearance. Reclaimed wood has a rustic quality that cannot be replicated, making it an ideal way to make your home have an old American feel. These boards also have amazing textures and patterns, which make them very beautiful for in-house décor. This wood makes your house have a cozy and very cool look in addition to serving the purpose of the DIY project.


Rockin’ Wood is a family run business that specializes in the provision of quality reclaimed wood plank products in the USA. We also create home décor products such as trays, bathroom décor, shelves and shutters, signs, peel and stick wood planks, and even succulent planters. Rockin’ Wood sources all the wood for projects locally, saving over 5 tons of wood per week from going to the landfill.


Rustic wood items create a romantic-rustic appeal, which makes the room feel cozy. Rockin’ Wood specializes in making items from rustic wood, which are both unique and durable. Among the things made from the rustic wood are headboards, wood walls, racks, and also shelves. The DIY projects that you can do using reclaimed wood are endless, but here are just a few of our favorites.



The headboards made out of this rustic wood creates a distressed and yet authentic feeling for the bedroom where the headboards are placed right above the plush bed. These woods have a stained
darker color, and as they are sanded together to create the perfect wall boards, they are the ideal tools for DIY projects. Check out this headboard plan from Primitive QuiltShop. They have a great idea of using Lowe’s to cut the wood for you, so you can do this without
even owning a saw!

Image Source: www.primitivestarquiltshop.com


Wood wall

Wood walls are also perfect for reclaimed wood projects. They are can be bold or subtle, and they are very eco-friendly. Making a wood wall is an easy DIY project. Wood walls can be made by combining colorful chaos in an order that is very artistic to create a fantastic appeal for your home. Rockin’ Wood offers reclaimed wood wall paneling in a peel and stick version and a version without the adhesive strips which you can nail or glue to the wall. Check out this video showing how to install the peel and stick planks. If these two cute kiddos can do it, so can you!

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Bathroom décor

If you want to dapper up your bathroom, reclaimed wood is perfect because of its rustic décor, and it emits a very homespun vibe to the entire bathroom. This wood can be used in making bathroom décor such as wood walls, wood and pipe toilet paper holders, bathroom shelves, and also pallet wood bathtub tables. The important thing is to give your bathroom a very warm and elegant feel instead of the normal boring one.

Image Source: www.lifeasmama.com




Among the products from Rockin’ Wood is the Ottoman Tray. There are a lot of tutorials on how you can make these, or you can always buy one here. It is a large square design that is suitable for coffee tables or ottomans. There are also reclaimed wood projects’ serving trays that have a very smooth texture making the trays very appealing. These trays have a charming finish and are very sturdy too. There are other rustic trays that are made from unfinished wood with a rather rough texture. These trays make great gifts. Check out this tutorial from Builders.

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The collection of shelves made using reclaimed wood at Rockin’ Wood is quite expansive. There is a variety of shelves ranging from shadow box frames to rustic floating shelves with a hand-rubbed oil finish. There are barn wood shelves that have both industrial and a homespun look. You can also make your own shelves, there are many tutorials out there to make shelves like these. Here is one from Crafted Workshop that we think you will like!

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The signs collection at Rockin’ Wood is just impeccable. We have a selection of signs made using reclaimed wood that is perfect for your front porch, for in-house décor, and for outdoor décor. We have signs made with real rustic reclaimed wood that make your home both colorful and beautiful. If you are in the market to replace a boring old house sign, consider getting a slab of old barn wood to help you with your DIY project for a house number sign. Having a DIY ornament stand on your front porch is a way of creating a very beautiful and creative way to usher guests into your home. You can buy one from us or you can make your own. Here is a quick tutorial from Dezinefun with Michelle.

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At Rockin’ Wood, the coat rack is a very popular project as it is made with rustic reclaimed wood. Racks are a very organized and simple way to put things away without making the room seem full and untidy. They can be made as DIY projects at home using reclaimed wood to serve their purpose exemplarily. You can purchase one here or follow these instructions to make your own from The Weapon Artisan here. See Product Here


Other items that can be made from reclaimed wood are sofa tables, porch swings, farmhouse message boards, pallet cup holders, jewelry holders, reclaimed wood nightstands, pallet clocks, and wood chalkboards. These items are all DIY projects which are very easy to do if you have reclaimed wood that can be reused. The items at Rockin’ Wood are quality products made with very sturdy and rustic reclaimed wood, which makes them more durable. If you are feeling creative, just purchase the wood from Rockin’ Wood and make your own designs, or if you want to take the easy road, just order the projects already done.