Extra Wide Real Wood Nail Up Application – Wall Paneling Board Planks (26 Sq.ft)


✔️ RECLAIMED WOOD ACCENT WALL: 100-percent reclaimed and recycled, naturally-weathered barn wood paneling adds a beautiful, rustic accent to your walls with a gorgeous rustic patina, West Coast Redwood has incredible beauty

✔️ EXTRA WIDE PLANKS: Panels are 1/4-inch thick and 7 inches wide; most planks are 55″ long. Some smaller pieces may be included as well. Each box is different and unique and will have knotholes, nail holes, dents, and dings, all adding to the beauty of the wood.

✔️ NATURALLY WEATHERED COLOR: Each piece of wood has aged individually, providing varied, weathered colors that look great on any wall. Colors can range from gray to brownish hues.

✔️ EASY INSTALLATION: Easily installs utilizing construction adhesive and/or trim nails; Calculate square footage by multiplying height x width (for example 8 feet tall x 10 feet wide = 80 square feet). Order at least 10% extra to cover cuts and waste.

✔️ UNLIKE THE COMPETITION: This reclaimed wood is unlike most you will find. At 7 inches wide, it offers a very different look than most of the competitors out there. If you love shiplap on walls and love rustic wood, this is the product for you.


Rockin’ Wood Reclaimed Wood Paneling planks are gorgeous and full of naturally weathered rustic beauty.

This is not something you will find in the hardware store. They are beautifully weathered wood that has naturally aged over decades, with a character that cannot be replicated by the big box stores. These wood planks for walls are easy to install. Use finishing nails and/or construction adhesive to attach them to your wall.

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Dimensions 55 × 0.25 × 7 in