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Framed blank sign at 48 inches

Framed Blank Sign Made from Reclaimed Barn Wood


✔️ Do you love barn wood and making signs? Reclaimed Wood is beautiful and has a rustic patina from years of aging that can’t be faked.

✔️ This sign is the real deal – handmade in the USA with 100% reclaimed wood – these blank wood signs are perfect for any rustic sign project, crafting, distressed wood creates a unique look that is different from everything else on the market

✔️ Perfect to make wedding signs or farmhouse fixer-upper decor – easy to make it your own, this is better than pallet wood because there are no chemicals on the wood.

✔️ Each sign is individual and has a beautiful rustic patina, we include sawtooth hangers you can use to hang your sign or you can prop it up on your mantle

✔️ Choose from a 1 or 2-pack in lengths of 36″ and 48″


Do you love barn wood and making signs? This super cute sign is hand-made in the USA.

Made from 100% reclaimed wood, it has all the characters that can’t be faked. Perfect for DIY Projects, Porch leaner Signs, Easy to Paint or add Wood Cutouts (36 inches)

Each sign will vary slightly and have dents, dings, nail or screw holes, and a naturally weathered distressed look you can’t find at the stores. Hang it on your wall with the included sawtooth hanger or prop it up on your mantle. Perfect for laser crafts, mosaics, wood quilts, and more. Great idea to make wedding signs, family name signs, and porch leaner welcome signs.

The classic beauty of framed blank signs can inspire your creativity and turn any area into a piece of art. These adaptable canvases offer the ideal chance to showcase your creativity and enliven any space. Framed blank signs give countless opportunities for self-expression, regardless of your level of experience as an artist or your level of interest in developing your creative side. You have a clean slate to create something completely original on these empty canvases. These creative canvases are guaranteed to draw interest and spark conversation, whether you hang them in your living room, office, or even outside. Why then wait? Pick up a paintbrush, a blank sign, and let your creativity soar on this imaginative canvas. The framed blank sign craft is ready.

Additional information

Dimensions36 × 12 × .99 in

36" in 1 pack, 36" in 2 packs, 48" in 1 pack, 48" in 2 packs