12 general uses of barnwood for your home

12 General Uses of Barn Wood for Your Home

Wood that comes from old barns is known as barn wood. You can reuse barn wood that is not too damaged for interior design. Some people use old barn wood on their property rather than disposing of it. Before using barn wood for interior design projects, owners get this wood from DIY from experts. This wood can be used for creating a shiny look.


Decorating homes with wood is becoming extremely popular. They are considered as precious resources compare to other kinds of wood. With it, you can create a unique look and feel in your home.


Using barn wood is now quite a trend in recent designs. The length of each plank makes it suitable for all types of designs. For example, they are easily used for making tables, chairs, hardwood flooring, and other wooden furniture.


12 General Uses of Barn Wood for your Home
12 General Uses of Barn Wood for your Home

Barn wood can resist all sorts of seasons and weather. It is strong enough to use in your home. It is also quite versatile. Before using barn wood, you need to make some alterations. Here are the things that you must do to prepare barn wood or planks;

  • Make sure the wood is clean. If not, you can remove loose dirt, wood, or paint with a stiff brush, or you can use an air compressor.
  • Chop them according to your installation place.
  • Before cutting it, if the wood has been nailed, fill those spots first.

Each type of barn wood is different, and you cannot use the same flooring wood for your kitchen cabinets. We will discuss the 12 ways of using barn wood in your home below.



The floor of your kitchen

The Floors of your Kitchen

There are many ways you can use barn wood to decorate your kitchen, but we suggest you consider the floor of your kitchen first. A kitchen floor with barn wood brings warmth and a variety of natural colors to your space, which will always look remarkable. It will give you a sense of historic charm in the heart of your kitchen. You can also have a stunning European style kitchen by using barn wood.



Accent Wall of Your Bedroom

Reclaimed Barn Wood Planks for Bedroom

You can install barn wood vertically on an accent wall of your bedroom to bring about the perfect background for a beautiful bed. Wide planks on your bedroom walls will help you create a vintage look. You can bring instant charm to your room by using a room divider made up of barn wood. You won’t need additional wall decorations, as wooden walls have weathered beauty with old wood grain.


Cabinets in Your Kitchen

Cabinets in your kitchen

The look of barn siding on kitchen cabinets has a natural and wrinkled look. This look will be unique, as these wrinkles can’t be reproduced identically. The cabinets made up of barn wood on their own compliment your kitchen. If the floor of your kitchen has the same wood, the overall impact will be tremendous. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to use the same wood for both of them.


Barn Wood Fan

Barn Wood Fan

Barn wood ceiling fans can bring a rural feature to your home with a subtle touch of western style. They will circulate air in your room like a normal ceiling fan, but the texture will enhance your room decoration. Fans are often not given that much preference while decorating your room, and you may forget how much a fan can contribute to styling your room.



Stairs of Barn Wood

Stairs of Barn Wood

With barn wood, you can turn your stairs into a centerpiece. A barn wood staircase construction brings about a free-floating appearance. You can add vertical planks for a more elegant design too. Make sure the color and texture you choose don’t overpower your walls and furniture. However, in the barn wood market, there are multi-sized wood boards. You can get them cut according to the exact size of your staircase.

Barn Wood Beds

Barn Wood Beds

Barn wood is more reliable than other wood, and you can consider using it to build a bed. Without a doubt, barn wood beds will highlight your other decorations. When you enter your bedroom, the first thing you notice is your bed. Since it covers more space than any other furniture in your room, and therefore, plays a vital role in designing the interior of your room. Hence, this wood can be used for designing the headboard of your bed.



Vintage Rustic Coat Rack in your Bathroom

Vintage Rustic Coat Rack in your Bathroom

A hanger rack or coat rack is useful for towels, ironed clothes, hats, bags, and many more items. Barn wood racks create a vintage rustic appearance at the entrance of your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, etc. Although these racks are just some simple hooks fixed high up on a wall, the color texture of barn wood can produce a fresh look.



Wood Beams

Wood Beam

Beams are another good choice for giving your home a rustic look. Wood beams on a ceiling can support it, and it also serves as decent decoration. Antique styles are plane and smoother than other wooden ceiling beam designs.



Wooden Shelves on Wall

Wooden Shelves on Wall

Lumber shelves of barn wood are a mixture of an old and new style. They are more like a vintage board, and they can come in any size. Such shelves are accessories, and you can easily place them on any wall of your home. Some barn wood shelves are quite wide. You can place a television on them, and you can save space in your room by inserting a wood floating shelf.



Barn Wood Vent Hood

Barn Wood Vent Hood

People use a vent hood to remove steam, smoke, heat, and other odors from your room or kitchen. Moreover, they eliminate heat and humidity to keep your room cool. It will be a great idea if you place a barn wood vent hood in your kitchen. A wooden vent might look unusual to you, but due to its texture, your kitchen will look more stylish.



Barn Wood Side Table

Barn Wood Side Table

The main purpose of the side tables is to decorate your room by placing significant items on them. Even though you can place any side table in your room for your convenience, a barn wood side table is not an ordinary table. This sort of table comes from reclaimed wood, which might be from an old barn, more than a hundred years old.



Chandeliers of Barn Wood

Chandelier of Barn Wood

While decorating your room, you must know the importance of lighting. Other than lighting, a wooden barn chandelier will make a huge impact on your décor. These chandeliers can come with candle lamps, cage, globe, bowl, and many others. However, every wooden barn chandelier is attractive and quite functional.




Decorating your room, living room, or even your kitchen can be a complex task. If you’re designing it from scratch, you have more options to look into and can make good use of barn wood to beautify different aspects for a perfect look.


However, if you have just decided to add barn wood to your current decoration, make sure you find something that matches the entire aesthetic feel of your house first.

As you can see, barn wood has a unique and special touch to it, which makes it attractive. Thus, adding it to your home décor is never a bad idea.

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