will reclaimed wood go out of style

Will Reclaimed Wood Go Out Of Style?

There are far too many opinions circulating the internet about what’s in and what’s out of style, and reclaimed wood seems to be the center of it all.


Some people debating the end of the farmhouse trend while others are vouching for its timelessness, the debate is never-ending.


Regardless of which side of the discussion you are on, you can’t deny the sustainability and other benefits of using reclaimed wood. This argument explains reclaimed wood’s classical and firm presence in the ever-changing world of trends. In other words, this eco-friendly way of decorating your house is most likely immune to the tests of changing trends and fashion styles.

In this article, we dive deeper into why that is and how we can style our homes with reclaimed wood in the trendiest way possible. 


Will Reclaimed Wood Go Out Of Style?


Why Is Reclaimed Wood Forever in Style?


In the middle of our world, using countless nonrenewable resources, reclaimed wood is a breath of fresh air with its renewability. Reclaimed wood also offers tons of other benefits such as durability, more substantial structure, reduced burden on the waste landfills, and reduced need to cut down new trees.  

However, the most significant reason for its prevalence in the list of the trendiest home décors is its unique defining characteristics. Every piece and project made from reclaimed wood has a rich history behind it. The distressed look on each piece speaks a story while staying silent in the background. 

It’s a hint of tradition mixed with modern that offers the perfect balance to the people. However, if you are battling people in your home for its presence or simply need ideas to convince your family, we have gathered five ingenious ways you can bring reclaimed wood into your home. 


Trendiest Ways to Use Reclaimed Wood at Your Home

Whichever way you include reclaimed wood in your house, you must experience its characteristic warmth and uniqueness among your interior. Depending on the rest of your home décor, it can bring out the nostalgic feelings, a sense of history or simply provide a lovely accent to the rest of the design.  

The following ideas, embracing the magic of reclaimed wood, might spark some inspiration in you:


An Exquisite Accent Wall

An exquisite accent wall
Photo Source – Flickr (click image to view link)


This is the easiest and most natural way to include reclaimed wood in your house. The accent wall does not disturb or, in any other way, interrupt the existing color palette or style of the room. Instead, it adds a pleasant focal point that is nothing short of exquisite. When you add a reclaimed wood feature wall, you add a contrasting natural texture in a polished setting that shining stones, glass, or other human-made elements dominate. 

The critical thing to remember when opting for an accent wall is that reclaimed wood varies in grain, color, and finish, which means your existing color scheme is most likely to dictate your choice of the wood. A dark and rough finish reclaimed wood is an excellent choice for neutral hues. 

You can add in strip LED lighting and a couple of floating shelves to enhance the room’s serenity further.


Bespoke Home Office Desks


bespoke home office desk
Photo Source: Flickr – Weld House LLC


The second most evergreen trend for reclaimed wood is having it crafted in beautiful desks for your work station. More people are turning towards combining pipes with reclaimed wood to create a desk that offers much more in terms of both ergonomics and style, with its rustic-industrial look. 

The idea is gaining so much steam that even if you clack skills to do it yourself, many local craftsmen can get the job done in no time at all. You can even buy a reclaimed wood live-edge table. 

This home office desk adds such a deep history and character to your workspace that reflects your ethical and sustainable working values. You can also include matching floating shelves and cabinets to form a coherency in your specific home office design.  


Shelves Crafted from Reclaimed Wood

shelves crafted from reclaimed wood
Photo Source: Flickr – Emily May


Shelves are not only highly functional, but they also enliven the overall decor of the room. They play a central role in making the space as clutter-free as possible and give the space the most stress-free look, thanks to its organizing ability. All of these characteristics make shelves an excellent element to experiment with different styles and trends. This is why we see most new trends featuring different designs and styles. 

Similar to the bespoke desk design, combining reclaimed wood with metal pipes in shelves designs is a trend that seems at home in all settings, especially in a rustic, industrial and modern environment. When it comes to reclaimed wood shelves, we have the option to have a freestanding frame or a fixed one. 

With freestanding shelves, you have flexibility during redecoration while on fixed shelves, you will have more storage space and the ability to implement more space-savvy designs. If you are only planning to include the reclaimed wood shelves in your home, compliment them with window bench crafted from the same wood to give your house a rejuvenating ability. 


Modern Rustic

modern rustic
Photo Source: Flickr – Design Milk


Among interior designing, enthusiastic modern rustic will never lose its spark. This is because the rustic and distressed features of reclaimed wood cabinet and hand-me-down furniture are both shabby and chic at the same time. 

This home décor style has “perfectly imperfect” written all over it. The lived-in aura of the reclaimed wood pieces emits joy and comfort in the whole house. This is a welcomed change from the stress and anxiety that most people feel when they are trying to polish out every minute, scratch from the surface for it to look pristine and perfect. 

In other words, when you add reclaimed wood décor pieces to your home, you are also adding extra charm and history to your home, which perfectly reflects the timeless atmosphere that never goes out the style. 


Reclaimed Wood Plank Flooring

reclaimed wood plank flooring
Photo Souce: Wikimedia


The reclaimed wood plank flooring seems to be in style forever. This is probably because of its sustainability, construction, and renovation qualities that cut costs effectively and significantly. You can use this trendy idea to cover strategic sections of your home office or the entire floor of a room with a neutral color palate. Either way, the subtle flooring will give the whole interior of the room a unique and inviting ambiance. The plethora of opportunities with reclaimed wood plank flooring is vast; all you have to do is use your inner interior design enthusiastic creativity.


Final Verdict: Here to Stay

There will always be aspects of trends and the current fashion statement that might not fit the projects crafted from reclaimed wood. However, the timeless quality and the unique characteristics that reclaimed wood offers, make it a trend that’s never going to go out of style. In addition to that, as the world moves more towards reducing global warming and the human effect on the planet, reclaimed wood trends are only going to gain more steam. 


Don’t Forget to Keep Up To Date with the Latest Trends

According to some interior designers, one can always find ways to express their individuality and personality through several methods. They can showcase treasured heirlooms among signature furniture pieces or replicate the history with reclaimed wood décor pieces. Whatever the designer chooses, it will ultimately be compatible with both current design trends and their own unique space. 

Similarly, one way to always stay trendy is by incorporating the old with the new. You can mix different new elements with pieces that pay homage to your past, and reclaimed wood is just the tool for it. Any piece crafted from reclaimed wood can match and fit into any design theme for a house, be it traditional or modern. The result will be a livable space that reflects the house residents’ personality and doesn’t compromise on the residents’ comfort.


A Final Word about Interior Design

When it comes down to decorating and styling your house, you don’t have to follow the advice of the experts, especially since trends are not constant and are also coming and going. 

Anything that speaks to you holds value or meaning for you or simply is exquisitely beautiful to you, should be incorporated in your design. It can be a memento, a special event, or a trip or a family heirloom. Adding elements of art, color, and accents in your home that are timeless will only enhance your house’s unique personality. 

Reclaimed wood strikes that critical balance between timelessness and distinction. If you may, consider it as a balance between chic and rustic. According to interior designers, incorporating distinctive styling features is always a good idea as compared to the cookie-cutter homes that can appear too generic and even lifeless. 

In other words, with reclaimed wood, your personal style or existing décor will be enhanced rather than interrupted, and it will continue to improve for many years to come.