Are Reclaimed Wood Walls Out Of Style?

Are Reclaimed Wood Walls Out Of Style?

Let’s admit it; reclaimed wood has been the center of our attention for the last several years. If you have a thing or two for quality wood, (like we do) perhaps you would still prefer it to the more modern interior design trends. 


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However, despite the huge popularity of the repurposed, salvaged, reclaimed lumber (or whatever else you call it), people are still unsure of investing in reclaimed wood for their home décor.


Reclaimed lumber is like centuries-old heirlooms.

It will remain ever in style without diminishing in value. For most people, the rustic, weathered, and age-old charm that reclaimed wood features bring into their homes is a means of self-expression.  Even your most modern, signature furniture pieces can easily adapt and blend into the old-growth wood’s beauty. In itself, this is testimony to the fact that reclaimed wood will never go out of style.

Reclaimed wood gives you the opportunity of creating a space where imagination knows no bounds and where modernity and history blend into a well-coordinated symphony.

In fact, with reclaimed wood pieces belonging to your ancestors and modern trends combined, you can create a space that would reflect your personality and those of the previous generations. Trust us; your guests will love the aura of your home.

Apart from the textural and outward appeal of reclaimed wood, several other elements make it a very worthy investment in terms of home décor. What are the pros of this lumber that draws people towards it primarily? 


Let’s list them down as well:

  • Reclaimed wood has more durability and is harder, only if it is an authentic, old-growth harvest. Modern nations no longer appreciate the old harvest practice; hence, this wood is invaluable.
  • Because the wood has lived through long years, it carries a weathered appearance, claiming deep stories behind it. Those who appreciate history and century-old stories typically fall for reclaimed wood.
  • Renewable resources are a great option and work well in preserving the environment. It saves us from harvesting new trees and reducing landfill waste. By the way – Did you know that Rockin’ Wood saves over 5 tons of wood every single week from going to the landfill? That’s a lot of wood! 



Reclaimed Wood Walls

reclaimed wood walls

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Reclaimed wood is sufficient to give your home’s interior an instant uplift, and frankly speaking, the beauty contained in this single material surpasses the need for any further décor. It is not surprising to see reclaimed wood still ruling the chart of hot trends in interior design as it has been for several years.  The generation that mostly lives in polished, fragile, and artificial surfaces, cannot help but fall in love, repeatedly with the warmth and reliability of old-growth wood. It somehow keeps you connected to nature in a very high-tech, otherwise artificial world.


You can feature reclaimed wood in every part of your home, from the bathroom to the kitchen to the hall room. However, the most popular choice for incorporating reclaimed wood in the house is hands down a feature wall. If you want to bring a welcoming aura into your bedroom, surreal tranquility, or natural charisma, there is no better option than a reclaimed wood wall. Every room in the house where you put in a reclaimed wood wall will boost the adornment of the space and enhance the aesthetics.


A reclaimed wood wall is again the perfect choice for you to bring in a textural and visual contrast in your living room without heavily influencing the color scheme, existing style, and overall space. Besides, forgive us for being sneaky, but we think our busy lives greatly benefit when a reclaimed wood wall brings a striking focal point without asking us for major, complete remodeling.  If yours is a home where polished surfaces and contemporary interior dominates, a feature wall in reclaimed wood can offer much more than just textural contrast. You could accomplish all sorts of amazing things in the wall’s name, such as a curved accent for tons of intrigue with a hint of 3D gorgeousness. 


Bring your interior alive by letting wavy wooden strips curve out to hold your TV, with shelves around to work as a modern art piece for you. Reclaimed wood with modern construction and design makes an equation for genius.


Another great way of bringing in an accent wall in reclaimed wood in your living room is a divider. Who says you can only use a pre-existing wall to feature reclaimed wood in your home?  A striking divider in reclaimed wood works is just as perfect an accent, especially if your construction plans include delineating your space into an open plan living room.  


Why Reclaimed Wood Is the Best Material for Your Wall

why reclaimed wood is the best material for your wall

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Several reasons make reclaimed wood one of the best materials to use for your walls.

  • Using reclaimed wood over a new one reduces the water and air pollution emanating from the timber industry. Our demand for new wood increases the harvesting, transporting, and processing cycle and gives rise to environmental pollution.
  • Reclaimed wood walls save many trees, which are our main source of oxygen. If you recycle old wood, the new ones can live for long. 
  • Reclaimed wood saves you from bringing toxic materials into your homes, such as formaldehyde and certain chemicals. Most conventional materials in interior design contain these and can spread vapors even years after installation. Thankfully, reclaimed wood is all-natural and contains no off-gassing process. A perfectly healthy choice for you and your family!
  • Every plan of reclaimed wood oozes historical charm, a highly attractive feature. Even the markings and small holes on the planks give so much character and uniqueness. No matter how many houses you visit where reclaimed wood features, you will never see any two pieces identical. 


Where Else You Can Go Right with Reclaimed Wood?


where else can go right with reclaimed wood

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Reclaimed wood walls are a great idea anywhere you feature them, but the interior design can use the wood in plenty of other smart ways. After all, who in their right minds can resist the functionality and quality of the old-growth harvest?  If you want to give your home something it can show off for years, then here is how to do it without losing its attraction and functionality. 

  1. Craft shelves with your reclaimed wood. You will have a clutter-free, organized space; they will enliven your overall décor theme and prove highly functional.
  2. An entire dining table set in reclaimed wood will always be stylish and modern. While you’re at it, what’s to stop you from getting workstation benches in reclaimed wood? It is going to remain an evergreen trend because we all need beautiful desks for our workstations. It makes us feel right down comfortable and enhances productivity. When it comes to work values, we prefer sustainability to everything else, and reclaimed wood workstations can give us just that.
  3. You could make a rustic mirror frame using your reclaimed wood. These are subtle enough not to stand apart from the rest of the overall theme and beautiful enough to satisfy your inner desires to have something from quality wood in the room.


Final Thoughts

reclaimed wood set of features

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The final verdict is yours when it comes to selecting a design theme for your home. Reclaimed wood has its own set of attractive features that no other material can match, and it continues to take the throne in the modern interior design industry.


However, the ball is entirely in your court, and you can never fail in choosing what means the most for you and your family. If you want reclaimed wood and you live in a home that is just the right setting for it, go ahead and make the best of reclaimed wood.