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Reclaimed Barn Wood Hexagon Blanks for Crafts, Laser Engraving, Coasters and DIY Projects (40 Pieces)


✔️  This is not your typical wood blank. These pieces are made from reclaimed barn wood and each one has it’s own rustic patina and unique color

✔️  3.125″ wide and 1/4″ thick make these the perfect size wood blanks for crafts, small coasters, ornaments, or creating wood quilts or honeycomb patterns.

✔️  Every box will have natural color variations of how the wood has aged over time. There is no paint or stain used on these. The back side will look like new wood as these have been planed on one side

✔️  Made in the USA with pride – perfect for small projects, game tiles, centerpieces, game boards or for creating artwork on your walls

Hexagon shaped wood tiles are made of all natural reclaimed wood so the are great for painting, making magnets, photo props, holiday decorations etc.


Do you love rustic wood? These hexagon-shaped wood tile blanks are perfect for rustic crafts, farmhouse decor, and any other ideas you can think of.

You can piece them together in a honeycomb shape to make wall art, frame them or hang them on your wall.

Our products are all made right here in the USA. Every piece is unique and will have color variations, and naturally weathered rustic patina that can’t be faked. Each piece will have a rustic patina on one side and a clean smooth side.

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Dimensions3.125 × 0.25 × 2.75 in


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